A series of ways to enjoy your G&T during isolation…

Added On:--- 27 March 2020
By: Sloe

Firstly, use plenty of ice, pour yourself a Hedgerow G&T and choose your favourite mixer…

  • Josh in Sales – like many right now, he’s beside himself without any sport on TV – is getting very into his online Scrabble – with a strong Hedgerow Gin and Tonic.
  • Download the new app ‘Houseparty’ so you can enjoy a G&T together and have a good catch up with your friends/family.
  • Joff – get bird-spotting – and Spring is the perfect time for it. Take your drink out into your garden and sit quietly and still. Look for the birds – their size, colour, beak and wing shape.
  • Instead of asking your neighbour for a cup of sugar maybe lend them a gin to go with their tonic.
  • Claire in PR – a good time for a spot of organising your cupboards at home – then treat yourself with a G&T afterwards.
  • Cook something comforting – take that gin into the kitchen and spend time making a Risotto or a Toad in the Hole.

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