Added On:--- 19 October 2018
By: Sloe

Apples are the snack of choice right now in the Sloemotion office – a perfect and healthy mid afternoon snack – local ones, garden windfalls and of course Joff’s favourite Cox’s Orange Pippins – in fact when once asked what his Desert Island Food would be, it was an apple of that very variety! Think he’d better get out more!
The UK’s apple selection is large and more varied than we thought – there once was over 2,000 UK varieties… We have the Victorians to thank for many of those – all that pottering around in large glasshouses. There are only 12 varieties now commonly known with unusually fancy names like Howgate Wonder, Worcester Pearmain and Discovery being some of the best to grow in your garden.
Sloemotion use crabapples, also known as wild apples, as one of the 6 botanicals in our Hedgerow Gin – they add a suggestion of a tempting sharp tanginess to our gin along with the other botanicals; rosehips, nettle leaf, meadow hay and the sloe stones – used after making our Sloe Gin.

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