Jonathan Curtoys

Head of the hedgerows

Joff is head of the hedgerows! Our Sloe Whisky is his tipple. If not bird watching or listening to music, his favourite thing to do is to visit Leoni’s in Malton for a coffee. Should Bob Dylan, John Steinbeck and Alan Shearer be there too, all the better. And let us introduce Patch – our Sloemotion mascot and (impetuous) regular visitor.

Julian Curtoys

Purse string operator

Jules holds the purse strings and makes sure our batches get made. He loves a cheese and sloe chutney sandwich, especially while taking a break from a rugged North Yorkshire mountain bike trail or working as the projectionist at Helmsley Arts Cinema.

Claire Curtoys

Publicist plate spinner

Claire is Sloemotion’s chief broadcaster and recently re-joined the team and now even lives over the hedge from Sloemotion; the shortest commute ever. She loves our No.7 with lemonade ice and fruit on a hot summer’s day, although a Fat Rascal – that’s a cake in Yorkshire, for the uninitiated ­– is the closest thing to heaven for her.

Audrey Pern

Money matters

MENSA member Audrey helps Sloemotion to keep the taxman happy. She loves our Sloe Ruby, which she’d drink anywhere and everywhere, but preferably with Hugh Jackman. Let her choose the movie at your peril though: she’s a horror fan, through and through. She also enjoys dance music, obvs.

Liz Toms

Chief recipe keeper

Liz is ‘recipe keeper in chief’. Her role at Sloemotion involves a bit of everything. She loves our Cherry Brandy and would invite God to dinner, just to see if she’d turn up. She also buys ‘wonky veg’. Who knew?

Steve Parker

Steeper and blender

Steve is a steeper and blender. He loves nothing better than sitting in his garden (virtually next door to our office), sipping our Sloe Vodka. This bearded artisan also crafts beautiful pens from wood. Ask to see his wares!.

Caroline Conroy

Sales and product expert

Caroline’s role is to help as many people as possible sample Sloemotion products. She’s a real foodie who likes our Sloe Brandy best, especially if it comes in a glass of Champagne. Outside of work, she’s spends as much time as possible with her Large Munsterlander (a big black and white dog) called Arthur.

Pippa Moore

Sales and Social meister

Fashionista Pip likes a chat on the phone (mostly to our customers and shops, of course). She loves our Damson Gin, especially when she’s out foraging for wild foods on a cold autumn day. On a weekend, she loves nothing more than a country walk across the fields with her Patterdale terrier called Cracker.

Christine Botham

Product protection

Christine’s role is to label and pack all our products. She enjoys all our drinks, especially while sitting beside Lake Tekapo, overlooking Mount Cook. That’s a long, long way from all the rest of us!?

Adam Szczecina

Mr Logistics

Trained graphic designer Adam helps make and dispatch the products. He loves our Sloe Gin, especially while skiing in his native Poland or sitting under the willow tree near Morrison’s car park in Malton. He’s also best mates with Sloemotion steeper and blender Andris.

Jess Shields

Steeper and blender

Jess is a steeper and blender.  She enjoys our Sloe Vodka Whilst baking and decorating her wonderful creations, we get to try them from time to time here at Sloemotion.

The Tasters

Dan from West Yorkshire

Hedgerow Ambassador

Lucy from Lincolnshire

Hedgerow Ambassador

Dan from York

Hedgerow Ambassador

Kate from Milton Keynes

Hedgerow Ambassador

David from Northumberland

Hedgerow Ambassador

Kim from Shropshire

Hedgerow Ambassador
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