Quick, flit, stand up and scrap
Sloe to back down
Crown king of the hedge
Mouse of the tree
Heart of the free
Tick, tack, tiny flap-flap
Flighty, mighty wren

Our Sloe Gin is made the same way it was in the 18th Century. You won’t find any added flavourings; just high quality ingredients, time and a bit of nature’s magic.

Magic hour – the 60 minutes or so before dusk, when the light is fine and the British countryside comes to laughter and life. Time to sloe down…

Hedgehogs are in decline, partly because of losing their hedgerow habitat. Sloemotion’s hedges are host to tea dances and poker nights, and hedonistic hogs make themselves at home in historic thickets, just like those of old.

Blackthorn hedges carved up the commons, but the simple sloe brought harmony among the hedgerows and soothed the spirits of the landless.

We’ve returned agricultural land to the wild by planting grass and wildflowers and cutting hedges much less often. Now, the sloe has overthrown the hoe and tiny mammals dance in tractor tracks.

Farmers manage 80% of the UK land area, so what they do has a massive impact on our wildlife. Our work at Manor Farm, which led to the start of Sloemotion, helped develop systems for profitable farming while allowing wildlife to thrive.

Big Red and his family Rouge, Rufus and Rex sip Sloe and live long, happy lives here in the Hawardian Hills.

Of thorns and thickets…
Britain wouldn’t be nearly the same without its gnarly brambles, foraged by generations of country folk for pie and crumble. Sloemotion is big on foraged fruit.

She’s become increasingly rare, old hare. But up here, she’s relatively care free and tears across the countryside, slowing only for a fair goblet-full of our Sloe Brandy Liqueur.

Many suppose tawny port to be the preferred tipple of the owl. But in these parts, the wise old birds choose Sloe Ruby, a perfect blend of port, sloes and gin.

Yellowhammer, bullfinch and other birds nest among the blackthorn’s tangled branches, and fledglings are protected by the hedgerow’s feral thorns.

Majestic red kites soar over our farm to the joy of Sloe’s owner Joff, a former lobbyist for the RSPB. Respect for nature and the environment plays a big part in our business.

Most of our ingredients are handpicked from local hedgerows and orchards. In September, out come the secateurs and stepladders and there’s hardly a finger or shirt in town that’s free from ruby red fruit stains.

At Manor farm, our first home, we planted lots of farmland with flowers and grasses and cut the hedges much less often. Now, the sloe has overthrown the hoe and tiny mammals dance in tractor tracks.

Sloemotion’s methods encourage wildflowers, which means a better chance for bees, under threat in Britain because of loss of habitat.

Moths such as the lesser broad bordered yellow underwing, willow beauty, short cloaked moth and butterflies such as black hairstreak, brown hairstreak depend on the blackthorns tangled mass…..

Just before dusk in the magic hour, lens flare, sun glare, when the light is gold and the day is old, but never quite over, the countryside comes to laughter and life. • If it forgets you’re there, mad hare, wise owl and distant dog howl will give up their secrets of hedge rows, orchards and sloes, of fairy tales and foragers, and then, forever, the forests are yours. • Trees lay down their laden limbs, of oozing damson, plum and the english cox and the clever fox fixes the clocks, so the magic hour is forever more.